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Upcoming Events

Last Updated : 3 October 2017

To view more event details, click on the event header band to expand the event area. Click the event header again to close the event area. Some event headers will contain white/blue text link buttons for directly downloading regulations or using online entry forms.

october 2017

21octalldayalldayFeaturedPegasus SprintThis event is now full(All Day: saturday) Castle Combe, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 7EYDownload Entry ListDownload Final Instructions

november 2017

07nov8:00 pm10:30 pmSpeaker - Herbie BlashInvite Event8:00 pm - 10:30 pm

13nov8:00 pm10:30 pmClub Night8:00 pm - 10:30 pm 589 Southmead Road, Filton, Bristol, BS34 7RG

Marshals Wanted

Last Updated : 7 September 2017

Saturday 21st October - MANBAT Pegasus Sprint

We are looking for over 60 club members to help us run the Pegasus Sprint at Castle Combe on Saturday the 21st of October. Whether you are an experienced track marshal or have not been involved before we can find the ideal role for you.

A chance to get involved in the heart of the action. To find out more contact Nick Wood or 07786 936941. Hot lunchtime meal provided in the Castle Combe Tavern as well as marshals gifts as a thank you.

Event Results / Reports
Event Regulations

Last Updated : 29 Jun 2017

Size: 2 MB pegasus-sprint-regulations-2017 Size: 115 KB A.C.E-entry-form-2017 Size: 429 KB cross-trophy-pct-2017-regulations Size: 119 KB RR-autotest-regulations-2017 Size: 291 KB llandow_sprint-regulations-2017 (13 May 2017) Size: 538 KB autosolo-regulations-2016 (27 Dec 2016) Size: 221 KB RR-autosolo-2016-regulations (4 Sep 2016) Size: 2 MB pegasus-sprint-regulations-2016 (22 Oct 2016) Size: 115 KB A.C.E-entry-form-2017-2 Size: 420 KB cross-trophy-pct-regulations-2016 Size: 339 KB may-llandow-sprint-regulations-2016 Size: 239 KB autosolo-and-pct-regulations-entry-form-2015 Size: 38 KB Autosolo-Regulations-2015 Size: 3 MB pegasus-sprint-regulations-2015 Size: 158 KB may-llandow-sprint-final-instructions-2015 Size: 240 KB may-llandow-sprint-regulations-2015 Size: 397 KB cross-trophy-pct-regulations-2015 Size: 21 KB fantasy-f1-rules-2015 Size: 110 KB gymkhana-regulations-2014 Size: 2 MB pegasus-sprint-regulations-2014 Size: 190 KB bring-your-car-night-2014 Size: 62 KB Llandow-Sprint-Entry-List-2014 Size: 59 KB may-llandow-sprint-entry-list-2015 Size: 120 KB Llandow-Sprint-Final-Instructions-May-2014 Size: 106 KB Llandow-Sprint-Marshals-Instructions-2014 Size: 70 KB ACE-tour-entry-form-2014 Size: 401 KB cross-trophy-pct-regulations-2014 Size: 235 KB Llandow-Sprint-Regulations-May-2014 Size: 325 KB car-run-2013-11-10 Size: 57 KB pegasus-sprint-marshals-pre-event-instructions-2013 Size: 161 KB pegasus-sprint-entry-list-2013 Size: 203 KB pegasus-sprint-final-instructions-2013 Size: 204 KB autotest-regulations-2013 Size: 348 KB pegasus-sprint-regulations-2013 Size: 143 KB llandow-sprint-final-instructions-2013 Size: 245 KB llandow-sprint-entry-list-2013 Size: 767 KB epynt-hillclimbs-regulations-2013 Size: 165 KB dennis-motorsport-epynt-hillclimb-entry-form-2013 Size: 202 KB llandow-track-day-booking-form Size: 405 KB cross-trophy-pct-regulations-2013 Size: 28 KB wiscombe-hillclimb-2010-regulations Size: 235 KB A.C.E-booking-form-2013 Size: 193 KB llandow-may-sprint-regulations-2013 Size: 469 KB pegasus-sprint-regulations-2012 Size: 289 KB chepstow-challenge-regulations-2012 Size: 401 KB castle-combe-track-day-flyer-2012 Size: 1 MB gymkhana-regulations-2012 Size: 55 KB llandow-sprint-2012-entry-list Size: 379 KB llandow-sprint-regulations-2012 Size: 1 MB cross-trophy-pct-2012-regulations Size: 165 KB llandow-track-day-2012-booking-form Size: 97 KB navigational-scatter-regulations-2011-11-25 Size: 262 KB navigational-scatter-regulations-2011 Size: 234 KB pegasus-sprint-entry-list-2011 Size: 57 KB pegasus-sprint-event-timetable-2011 Size: 151 KB pegasus-sprint-final-instructions-2011 Size: 735 KB the-chepstow-challenge-regulations-2011 Size: 767 KB pegasus_sprint_regulations-2011 Size: 118 KB gymkhana-regulations-2011 Size: 1 MB cross-trophy-pct-regulations-2011 Size: 98 KB nav-scatter-2010-11-26-regs Size: 184 KB chepstow-challenge-regulations-2010 Size: 70 KB march-hare-autotests-2010 Size: 1 MB cross-trophy-pct-2010-regulations Size: 56 KB scatter-2010-02-19 Size: 39 KB ddmc-autosolo-2010 Size: 163 KB navigational_scatter_nov_2009 Size: 60 KB chepstow-autosolo-regs-2009 Size: 181 KB the-chepstow-auto-challenge-2009 Size: 198 KB cross-trophy-pct-2009
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Championship Results

Last Updated : 8 June 2017

Clubmans’ Championship 2017 – Latest Positions
PositionNameTotalNo of eventsOrganised or marshalled?
1Ben Bishop14.773No
2Chris Thompson13.43Yes
3Alan Spencer11.13Yes
4Andy Moss10.53Yes
5Martyn Davies9.422No
6Tom Thompson9.072Yes
7Ralph Colmar7.014Yes
8Danny Castleton6.042No
9James Robertson5.972No
10Sam Thompson5.672Yes
Marshals’ Championship 2017 – Latest Positions
PositionNamePointsNo of events
1=Chris Thompson62
1=Tim Murray62
3=Nick Wood52
3=Mal Allen52
3=Alan Spencer52
6=Donny Allen42
6=Ralph Colmar42
Championship Rules
Clubmans Championship

Points will be awarded for all BPMC events entailing the use of a car.
Points are awarded according to the formula.

(\frac{5(Number\:of\:Starters - Finishing\:Position)}{Number\:of\:Starters})+1

  • Points are awarded according to finishing position in class or if there are no classes, by overall finishing position.
  • Non finishers are included in number of starters and will be classed as finishing in last position.
  • For tied positions, points are averaged for the number tied (eg if 2 entrants tie for 4th place, then each is given position 4½).
  • The first signed-on passenger scores for Navigation Exercises, Navigation Scatters, Treasure Hunts. For the Test Day organisers points only will be awarded.
  • For club events such as Touring Assemblies, Test Days etc where no result is declared members who enter will receive 2 bonus point towards the Clubmans championship. Qualifying events are defined by the club committee.
  • Points will no longer be awarded for Organising or Marshalling which will be recognised separately in the Marshals Championship, however note that in order to be classified in the final championship results entrants must have marshalled or organised an event.

Awards are given to the first three in the end of year standings. In the event of a tie it will be decided by the following criteria

  1. The person who has marshalled or organised the most events
  2. The most 1st place positions, followed by most 2nd place and so on
Marshals Championship

Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be presented based on organising & marshalling.

3 points will be awarded to event organisers

2 points will be awarded to marshals

1 points will be awarded for setting up an event on the day before an event

  • Event organisers points will be awarded to those who organise any club event including non-competitive events including Navigation Events, Treasure Hunts, or who act as Clerk of the Course, Secretary of Meeting or Entries Secretary.
  • Should an event be cancelled due to circumstances beyond the organisers control, points will still be awarded.

Championship Officials Co-ordinator: Tim Murray (,
Stewards: The Club Vice Presidents

Events Gallery

For all the photos and video from the past years of the motor club.

Fantasy F1 Results

Last Updated : 18 September 2017

The latest Fantasy Formula 1 results after Round 14 – Singapore Grand Prix
EntrantDriver 1Driver 2Team 1Team 2EngineScore
Sharon ReynoldsHulkenbergRaikkonenFerrariRed BullHaas794
Craig BrownHulkenbergPalmerFerrariRenaultMercedes735
Matt JohnsonVerstappenVettelFerrariHaasHaas732
Martyn DaviesAlonsoSainzFerrariToro RossoMercedes731
Chris ThompsonHamiltonPalmerHaasRed BullFerrari725
Helen DaviesPalmerVerstappenFerrariHaasMercedes724
Coralie ThompsonPalmerVerstappenFerrariHaasMercedes724
Charlie EmsleyEricssonHamiltonHaasRed BullFerrari717
Richard IbrahimEricssonVerstappenFerrariHaasMercedes716
Helena SarstedRicciardoVettelHaasRed BullToro Rosso715
Bob BullRicciardoVettelRenaultToro RossoFerrari708
Ben BishopHamiltonHulkenbergFerrariSauberRenault701
Charles AlexanderBottasHulkenbergHaasRed BullFerrari700
Andrew MossMassaVettelFerrariHaasHaas695
Abi ReynoldsHamiltonWehrleinFerrariRenaultSauber691
Ken RobsonRaikkonenVerstappenRed BullToro RossoFerrari690
Tom ThompsonRaikkonenVerstappenRed BullToro RossoFerrari690
Glyn WorkmanVerstappenVettelHaasRed BullRed Bull685
Mal AllenEricssonMassaFerrariHaasMercedes679
Lisa DaviesRaikkonenRicciardoForce IndiaRenaultFerrari668
Mike MarsdenRicciardoVerstappenMcLarenRed BullFerrari664
Katie DaviesOconVerstappenRed BullToro RossoMercedes649
Richard ReynoldsRaikkonenVerstappenMcLarenRed BullFerrari640
Audrey KingPalmerVerstappenRed BullToro RossoMercedes636
Dick CraddySainzVerstappenFerrariWilliamsForce India635
Donny AllenAlonsoVerstappenForce IndiaRed BullFerrari629
Tim MurrayHamiltonVerstappenRenaultToro RossoFerrari617
Joe RobsonVerstappenVettelRed BullRenaultWilliams610
Mary CraddyRaikkonenVerstappenForce IndiaRed BullRenault601
Liz MossGrosjeanHamiltonRed BullRenaultWilliams601
Jeff OakleyVerstappenVettelSauberToro RossoMercedes598
Simon MossGrosjeanHamiltonMcLarenToro RossoFerrari590
Aaron EllisVerstappenVettelRenaultSauberMercedes588
Sam ThompsonGrosjeanHamiltonHaasSauberMercedes584
John MearnsMagnussenVerstappenMercedesSauberHaas578
Alyson MarsdenBottasVerstappenRed BullToro RossoMcLaren576
Alison BennettHamiltonVerstappenForce IndiaHaasRenault533
Michael GriffithsRicciardoVerstappenForce IndiaWilliamsRed Bull528
Merlyn GriffithsRicciardoVerstappenForce IndiaWilliamsRed Bull528
Mark NiblettBottasVettelMcLarenRenaultMcLaren520
Chris BennettMassaVerstappenRed BullWilliamsRed Bull503
Martin EmsleyVerstappenVettelMcLarenWilliamsRed Bull494
MSA News

Last Updated : 17 Setepmber 2017

Latest MSA Extra – September 2017

Raise Money for our Club Charity While Shopping on Amazon

For everything you order we will receive 5% to pass onto our charity, which this year is Wiltshire Air Ambulance.
Remember everytime you want to order from amazon visit our site first, click on the amazon logo and shop as normal and you will be helping charity as well!