How the day works

What is the Procedure on the day?

Get an early night the night before, and pray for good weather!

07:00 Circuit opens
08:00 Scrutineering opens
08:20 First track briefing
(and continue throughout the morning)
08:45 First batch of cars starting queuing for
track opening.
09:00 The track opens
12:30 Lunch
13:30 The track re-opens
17:00 The track closes
(last run takes places around 15 minutes prior)

Can you give more details please?

Drivers and passengers arrive at the Tower which opens at around 07:30. Each driver will present his ‘Car No.’ which is on their Acceptance Form together with their full valid driving licence. The driver signs the ‘Drivers signing on sheet’. If drivers share a ticket, they need to sign in together.

The drivers then receive an envelope containing a ‘Scrutineering and Briefing Signature Sheet’. This slip contains the relevant car number for the day.

The driver takes their car and the ‘Scrutineering and Briefing Signature Slip’ to Scrutineering which opens around 08:00. The Scrutineer will check over the car and if
happy will sign the slip and puts a small sticker on the windscreen of the car. Please get your car scrutineered as early as possible.

Once the car has been signed off, drivers are to attend a track briefing. The first briefing normally takes place around 08:20.

The briefer signs the drivers part (all of them if sharing) of the slip and the driver returns to the Tower to exchange the slip for another envelope containing the relevant car no. ‘Run Tickets’ plus a coloured wrist band. There is one colour for drivers and one for passengers. If a driver is a passenger in another car, they only need a driver wrist band. Drivers wrist bands go on the right wrist and passengers bands go on the left wrist.

It is here that I mention about passenger signing in. Any passengers (who are not a registered driver) must sign on the “Passenger Signing-on sheet”. Once a passenger has signed the sheet, they are given “the other” coloured band. They can be a passenger in any participating car.

The drivers take their car to the paddock queuing area and follow the correct lanes for ‘1st Run.’

The BPMC Paddock Marshal ensures the Scrutineer sticker is in place; the driver and any passenger have a coloured wrist band, and takes the 1st
Run ticket from the driver.

You have around 5 laps out on the track with a small number of other cars.

You return back to the paddock when you see the chequered flag, and queue up again, following the 2nd Run lane and so on.

Try to aim to get all 1st and 2nd runs in prior to lunch (12:30 – 13:30). But are aware that some drivers wish to leave early or have multiple tickets and therefore we try to
accommodate their needs.

IF and only IF all goes well, we MAY have time for extra runs. This is NOT guaranteed.
Once drivers have had their 4 runs, they can queue in the EXTRA RUN lane and patiently wait. Any drivers with remaining tickets have priority.

The track closes at 17:00, so the last run is around 16:45.