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Castle Combe Track Day

Entry for 2024 is now available
The date of the event is Saturday 24th August 2024
Online Booking form is here

Are you looking for a track day in the South West?
Are you looking for a track day at Castle Combe Motor Racing Circuit?

Are you wanting to experience the thrill of taking your own car around a proper race track?
Are you wanting to increase your high speed driving skills safely and under a controlled environment?
Do you want to do all of this without selling your car to pay for it? Well, look no further….

Each year, the Bristol Pegasus Motor Club hires Castle Combe circuit and all that comes with it so 60 cars of all shapes, sizes, ages and performance trot up for a bright and early start of 8.00am and enjoy the circuit for the day. The cars go through Scrutineering, max 100db noise (see booking information for more details), the drivers are briefed, and the tickets handed out.

£155 for non-members and £145 for members, buys the driver 4 sessions out on the track with a group of 12 cars (a group of 6 cars for beginners/slower cars) for a maximum of 5 laps a time. If the weather is good and everything runs smoothly, additional runs can be had towards the end of the day – close at 5pm.

The main attractions of the day are that:

  • Drivers can go & drive their own car around a race circuit
  • Tuition from an instructor may be available
  • The number of Cars on track is limited – there is plenty of space and as the day is aimed at club members drivers are sensible
  • No extra charge is made for Passengers but they must sign on
  • Unlike commercial Track Days the event is organised by fellow enthusiasts for enjoyment not profit

The day is NOT a race day; the day is a chance for drivers to enjoy their cars and to improve their driving skills in the safe environment of a controlled circuit.

The day is excellent for newcomers, with a limited number of cars on the track, there is plenty of space to go at a speed that the drivers are happy with and will not impede others on the circuit. The “Castle Combe Racing School” provides an Instructor who gives a briefing to all drivers before they go out onto the track. To help the beginners there are cones out on the circuit to show turn-in points and the apex of a corner. There is also the opportunity for some one-to-one tuition. The Instructor will take a driver out in their car and show them the lines and braking point for their car. Everyone who has done this has come back very impressed and the Instructors are really pleased when the pupils who then go out and put into practice what they have been taught.

When and Where?

The event takes place at Castle Combe Racing Circuit, Chippenham.


Who attends?

Although the event is organised by The Bristol Pegasus Motor Club, we do invite other motor clubs along for the day. We have a good relationship with the Mini Cooper Register who have attended the event for a number of years. We have a great deal of regulars, and also a refreshing amount of new drivers each year wishing to increase their driving skills in a controlled environment on a motor racing circuit. We have a great deal of interest in the on site driving instructor who is part of the days fees. Please note entry priority is given to BPMC members.

What types of cars take part?

This is the great thing about the day. As long as your vehicle has a valid MOT, Taxed, has road tyres and passes Scrutineering, it can go out on the track (see regulations for more details). Remember this day is not a race; it is an organised event to increase your driving skills and test your car. As a result, we have a vast array of different cars. Historically, the Mini Cooper Register bring um…. Minis, but we have a great presence of Westfield, MG and Lotus cars. But also we have the “normal” side of motoring too. People bring their family cars along too. We have even had diesel estates!

What about passengers?

Absolutely! Minimum age of 16. Maximum one passenger per car.
Both drivers and passengers must sign an indemnification form.