Fantasy Formula 1

Bristol Pegasus Fantasy Formula One 2020
Competition Details

The Bristol Pegasus Fantasy Formula One competition is now into its 25th year and continues to be popular with members. Our rules differ a little from those found in the “real” F1 championship so make sure you read them carefully.

Results will be published in Backfire each month and will be available between magazines on the club website.

Prizes – Whilst our Fantasy F1 contest is mostly for fun, a £20 gift voucher of your choice will be awarded to the winner.

  • You must pick any TWO drivers, any TWO teams and an Engine
  • You have a budget of £110m; if you exceed this amount your team will not be accepted. For every £1m under budget, 5 bonus points will be awarded.
  • Your driver must finish the race to score points
  • Replacement drivers do not count, likewise if one of your teams doesn’t complete the season, you cannot replace them. However the rest of your drivers/teams will still count and you will score points.
  • Team and Engine scores are based on the combined score of both cars
  • All participants have to pick a joker race, in the event of a tie at the end of the season your score from this race will count double.
    Points will be as follows:
    1st = 25, 2nd = 18, 3rd = 15, 4th = 12, 5th = 10, 6th = 8, 7th = 6, 8th = 4, 9th = 2, 10th = 1

Entry to the 2020 Fantasy F1 is now closed as the race season has started.