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Pegasus on the Web and Social Media

The club has a number of useful resources on the internet.


Club Website – www.bristolpegasus.com

The club website is the place to go for information on forthcoming events, join or renew your membership or look up information about club officials and the club itself. Online entry is available for our major events, as well as for competitions such as our Fantasy F1. Results from events are published here along with information on events we have been invited to by other clubs. You can read past copies of the club Backfire magazine and there are also publications such guides to getting started in different motorsport events. Links to the other club internet resources, as well as links to other interesting websites can also be found here.

Club Photo Gallery – gallery.bristolpegasus.com

Here you will find lots of photos from past club events, as well as other events that members have attended or entered. There are hundreds of photos and this is an idea place to get a feel for the sort of events you can enjoy as a Pegasus member.


Club Facebook Page – bristolpegasus.com/facebook

Our facebook page contains major news and information about the club. As well as giving the club a presence on this popular site it allows members to follow this page on facebook so updates appear automatically on their facebook feed. All the posts on this page come from the club itself and typically will include things such as a new Backfire magazine being available or entry forms for a major event being made available. You do not need to be a facebook member to read the contents of this page, but will need to join facebook to automatically receive updates.


Club Facebook Group – bristolpegasus.com/facebook-group

The Pegasus facebook group is a place where members can post and discuss their motoring and motorsport activities. Similar to a forum the facebook setup makes it easy to post pictures as well as text, and makes it easy for people to comment on what has been posted. You have to be a facebook member to join the group, but this is free to join. If you are not a fan of facebook you can setup a very basic profile without the need to reveal more online than your name – and if you don’t want to do that you can always sign up under an alias. Despite being quite a new facebook group we already have a good number of members and there are a lot of interesting posts.


Club Twitter Feed – bristolpegasus.com/twitter

If you just want the most important announcements sent to you automatically you can follow the club on twitter. You will receive a message when important things like event entry forms are released or when the latest club magazine is available. If you are a regular twitter user and wish to mention the club in your own twitter messages don’t forget to include @BristolPegasus in your tweet. You need to be a twitter member to get automatic updates sent to you on your PC or phone, but if you just want to read past messages from the club you can simply point your web browser at the address above.


E-Mail Lists

If you wish to be the first receive a mail when entry forms are available for our Sprint Events or Castle Combe Track Day we can add you to our e-mail lists. Mail enquiries@bristolpegasus.com and let us know which events you are interested in.