Renew with our Club


Renewal starts from only £10, which includes free membership for your partner. When you renew you will receive a voucher which will entitle you to a £10 discount when you enter an event, so you can still get your money back!
Membership expires exactly 12 months after you join. And you will receive reminder emails from the membership system, asking you to renew before your membership expires.

Members are encouraged to use the online membership system to join or renew as this helps to ensure your details are correct, allows you to update your own information and ensures you get timely reminders when your renewal is due. As well as these benefits it reduces administration for the club which is run entirely by volunteers. Should you not be able to use the system please contact the membership secretary for a paper application form.

Click here to use our online membership application system where you can renew your membership and pay using PayPal

Choose a monthly printed magazine or Save money by downloading

All members who have an e-mail address will receive a monthly e-mail with event details, this will also contain a link to download the club magazine. If you would prefer a paper magazine simply add the printed magazine option, which is available for £10 extra per year.